How to play?

After launching the game you should choose a hero and push the "play" button. The game starts in 1 to 3 minutes or sooner (provided enough active players).
The choice of heroes is limited at the moment. But their number will constantly increase.
Arena`s matches are held in a deathmatch format. Your goal is to become the last hero standing and killing others certainly helps the process. Also you can not be resurrected on Fountain. So if your hero dies, you lose.
After your hero's inevitable death, you can leave to dive into a new game or stay to watch the others play.
Terrain plays a big role in the game and makes it dynamic, colorful and impetuous. At the start of the game Native Terrain is everywhere and heals heroes if they are out of combat with other heroes. As the game progresses, the area of Native Terrain becomes smaller and smaller and change for Scorched Terrain, which deals increasing percentage-based damage to the hero.
Terrain changes are shown both on the minimap and on the game area. Each "shrinking" of Native Terrain is followed by a timer and tends to a red crystal marked on a minimap.

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