What is the map?

The Terrain  in Prime Arena is different from the usual maps in games. It has two types - "Native" and "Scorched".


At the start of the game Native Terrain is everywhere and heals heroes if they are out of combat with other heroes. As the game progresses, the area of Native Terrain begins to shrink in the direction of the Anomaly. Anomaly is a red crystal, which randomly appears on the map. It is a guide for all the Heroes in which direction is better to move to avoid Scorched Terrain. Scorched Terrain deals increasing percentage-based damage to the hero. In addition on Scorched Terrain Heroes can not restore their health.

There are several types of points of interest on the map:
PORTAL.png Portals move your hero to another one. These come in pairs, so you shouldn't get lost after using it once or twice
Glyph.png Glyph nodes empower your hero with a random glyph (might, haste & cdr).
barrack_A.png Fountains reduce your hero's current cooldowns by half and heal for half the missing Health.
neutrals_weak.png neutrals_average.png neutrals_strong.png The Touched drops useful items (healing, invisibility, haste, shields, area damage, etc.)

All items are available on the skill bar and they can be used by 1-2-3-4-5-SPACE keys. On the F key is a ritual dagger, which does some damage. Finishing heroes with it is a way to get an achievement and show off your skillz.

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