Inventory of consumables

You can get various useful consumables by killing The Touched. These items can turn the tide of battle.
All consumables are available on the skill bar and they can be used by 1-2-3-4-5-SPACE keys.
It is important to remember that there is no additional inventory for them. If all slots are full, the new item disappears. You can throw out an unnecessary item to free slot for a new one.


1.png Antidote - Removes all negative effects and restores 10% max Health.

2.png Forest Cloak - Allows the hero to walk through trees and living creatures for 5 sec, and also increases Speed by 50%.

3.png Symbol of Stars - Breaks trees in the selected area and deals damage to enemies, while Touched gets 3 times more damage.

4.png Touched Armor - Receives a shield for 7 sec totaling 20% of max Health and additionally reduces damage from Touched by 75%.

5.png Symbol of Stupefaction - Immobilizes the target for 3 sec. If another enemy hero is near the target, also prevents both from using abilities for the duration of the immobilization.

6.png Cloak of Shadow - 1 sec. after this talent is used the hero becomes invisible for 15 sec. and gets a 20% Speed boost.

7.png Dimensional Gate - The hero moves to the selected location and gets a shield of 10% of max Health for 7 sec.

8.png Symbol of Birds - For 10 sec. creates a region within which allies' Strength and Intellect are increased by 15% and enemies' Strength and Intellect are reduced by 15%. Also, healing effects are 50% less effective on enemies within the region.

9.png Symbol of the Branch - Creates two twins of the hero for 30 sec with 40% Health and 50% of the hero's Strength and Intellect.

10.png Symbol of Shining - For 5 sec, the hero blinds nearby enemies, increasing their chance of missing by 75%. Makes all nearby enemies visible and prevents them from becoming invisible for 5 sec. Also reveals an area around the hero.

11.png Aggression Shield - The hero takes 30% less damage from enemy hits for 5 sec and deals blocked damage to nearby enemies.

12.png Evil Eye - Opens up visibility in the selected area for 15 sec and removes all positive effects from enemies.

13.png Symbol of Renewal - When used, instantly restores all skills and restores 50% of damage received in the last 5 sec.

14.png Seal of Magic - When this talent is used, the hero becomes immune 5 sec.

15.png Symbol of Distortion - The owner of the talent or the selected enemy hero is incapable of action and invulnerable for 2,5 sec.

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