How can I get a Gem refund?

If it happened so that  you purchased anything by mistake or as a result of a misclick, you need to submit a request to our support team asking them for a Gem refund.

There's a number of requirements that are to be fulfilled: 

  • There must be no more than 7 days between the date of purchase and ticket submission date.
  • In case you purchased a creature by mistake, this creature is to be removed from your active army slots (i.e. put in the reserve) from the moment you submitted a request to the moment the request is deemed solved.
  • If a part or all the creatures are in the Infirmary or in the active army slots, our support staff won't be able to reverse the transaction.
  • If you purchased a consumable or any other item, it needs to be kept in the inventory unless and until our support specialists reply to your request. If the item/consumable you purchased was used or sold, we wouldn't be able to refund the Gems you spent on it.
Currently Gems are refunded for:
  • Equipment
  • Creatures (except for boosters/squads)
  • Scrolls
  • Stamina potions
  • Accidental healing


If you'd like your request to be solved asap, here are some tips, that'll help to speed up the process:

  • The subject of the request should look like this: "Accidental purchase".
  • The request is to have the info regarding the date and time of purchase, the name of the item/creature/consumable and the amount of Gems spent.
  • The request should contain a link to your profile.
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