Raids: Garrison and defense

5 pieces of advice for garrison defenders

  1.  Choose your friends wisely. Don't allow them to rob you.Guard.png
  2.  Strong garrison is a garrison with a strong army. Very strong garrison is a garrison with Runes and a strong army.
  3.  Attack weaker opponents. They have less chances to win.
  4.  Try not to to avenge each time you find out that you've been attacked. If you attack in response, your opponent will get a chance to attack you again.
  5.  If your garrison is weak, it'd be better to spend gold on something rather than give it to your opponent.

Frequently asked questions

This article highlights some answers to the questions, that may arise when one is trying to find some info regarding the Raid feature, some tips on how defend the Garrison from other players' attacks. In case you didn't find the things you were looking for, you can submit a request to our support team.


What is a garrison? For what purpose do I need it?

Garrison is intended for defending from other players' attack in the Raid mode.

You can start building up your own garrison once you reach level 8. If you're attacked, the garrison will be defended by an army guided by AI.


How can I build up a strong defense and protect my gold?

In order to protect your gold from being stolen by the enemy, you need to put a strong army in it so that it could repel any attack. If you use runes, it will make your garrison even stronger. Runes will help you a lot both when you attack and when you defend.


Where can I find the garrison menu?Garrison_screen.png

You'll find the garrison menu in the army management window (marked "1"). The tabs above the active army slots allow you to switch between your main army and garrison army.

Can I place the same units in the garrison and my active army?

If you've already placed a unit in your garrison, this very unit cannot be used in your active army. This rule applies even if you've got some units of this type remaining in the reserve. And vice versa: if you placed a unit in your active army, you won't be able to put it in your garrsion. In such case you'll see this icon (see "2).

Can I remove all creatures from the garrison, because I don't want to use it?

There should be at least 1 type of units in your garrison. When you reach level 8, one of your units is placed there automatically.






What's the purpose of Runes and how can I use them?

Runes increase the defensive abilities of your garrison. The runes are placed in the special slots in the spellbook (see "3"). Please note that each battle will use one rune from those you've placed in the slots.

Do I have to heal units in my garrison?

If your garrison has been defeated, your units will not be wounded. They'll continue defending the garrison with no need to heal them.

How and how often other players can attack me?Friendboard.bmp

There are 3 ways of attacking the garrison:

  • Your friend can attack you using friendboard by pointing the cursor at your avatar and pressing the "Begin a raid" button (see "4). S/he can do it an unlimited number of times (as long as s/he has enough stamina).
  • A "counter-attack". Don't forget that your opponents may avenge you. Any player that you've attacked has an opportunity to attack you in response. Do not attack too many players if your garrison isn't strong enough to meet their attacks. Otherwise they'll take your gold.
  • The Raid menu. Your garrison can be attacked by a random player if you get in his list of the players available for attack. This list is randomly generated from the number of players that are currently offline. If a player defeats you, you'll disappear from the list of players available for attack till your next log out. Please note that you can be attacked by the players that still have you in the list, because you'll remain in the list of other players for approximately 15 minutes, because the list is being refreshed every 15 minutes.

What will I get if I successfully repell an enemy attack?

When a defender manages to win the battle, s/he gets Spheres of Elements that can be used to make Runes.


What will I lose if my garrsion is defeated?

If your garrison is defeated, your enemy will take a certain amount of gold. And you will receive a Sphere of Element as a compensation.


What determines the amount of gold that can be taken?

The amount of gold is calculated based on the following principle:

  • The maximum amount of reward - first of all the maximum possible amount of gold that can be stolen is determined. One of the most important elements in these calculations is the level difference between the attacker and defender. If a low-level player destroys the garrison of a high-level player, the maximum reward will be quite impressive. And vice versa, if a high-level player defeats a low-level player, he won't take much gold.
  • Adjustments - once the initial calculations are made, the system starts checking if the player has a sufficient amount of gold. If s/he has got enough gold, the attacker will get that amount, and if s/he does not have enough gold coins in his/her possession, the attacker will take only a small part of gold that the defender has. It means that one will always have a certain amount of gold left.

These calculations are made at the end of the battle. It means that a player that you attacked may lose some gold in another battle (it may take place simultaneously with your attack) or s/he can simply spend some gold at the time you're trying to crush his/her garrison. As I result, you can get less gold than it was shown in the raid menu.

Please note that the reward does not depend on the amount of units killed or attacker's/defender's leadership and it does not depend on the amount of gold the defender has if s/he has more gold that it's required for the maximum reward.


Does the leadership adjustment work in the raid mode?

The leadership is not equalized in the raid mode. Try not to attack the garrisons with leadership much higher than yours.

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