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What is a clan?

Clan is a group (formation) of players that has its own rating. The player who belongs to a clan has a prefix next to his/her name (e.g. [Clan]Player's name), which distinguishes them in the game chat and friendboard. Clan members will also have access to a separate channel in the game chat, which can be used only by clan members.


How do I create a clan?

Clan can be created by any player who reached 8 level. ___________.pngOpen the clan menu and press the "Create a clan" button.


How can I ask other players to join my clan?

New clan members can be invited by the head of the clan or his/her assistant officer.Clan.bmp

A player who has already reached level 8 can become a member of a clan.


Clan invitations can be send only to the users who are online.


Who is an officer and how can I appoint him?

Officers can be appointed only by clan leaders. Open the list of clan members in the clan menu. Select the player you want to appoint and you'll see a gear wheel button gear_wheel.png next to his/her name. Select "Promote to an officer" or "Demote to a soldier" depending on what you need.


How can I rename my clan?

Select any player and you'll see a gear wheel button gear_wheel.png next to his/her name. Press the button and you'll see the list of available actions. Select the "Rename clan" option. Clan renaming costs 30 Gems.


The option will be available only if clan counts 2 or more members.


I'm a clan leader and I'm going to leave the clan. What will happen to my clan?

If you're a clan leader, the power is devolved automatically on the officer with the highest rating. If there are no officers, the authority is delegated to the soldier with the highest rating. If you're the only clan member, the clan is disbanded.


How will my clan rating change if I win or lose a PvP/Raid battle?

Clan rating changes based on the same rules as players' rating does with 1 difference. Instead of player's rating clan rating is used.

If you're in a clan with 1000 rating points and your own rating is 1500, when you defeat a player whose rating is 1500, you'll increase your personal rating and your clan rating will be calculated as if a player with 1000 rating points (your clan rating) defeated a player with 1500 rating points (your opponent's rating).

Same rules apply in case you lose a battle.

Clan rating doesn't change when 2 players from the same clan meet in PvP.






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