What is a worlds binding and how to perform it?

Worlds binding is represented as a world shard which must be restored. Player should create closed areas according to the chapters task by placing world plates on empty tiles. There are some rules:

  • Placing of a world plate requires 1 unit of matter.
  • Blue silhouette designates the tile where the world plate can be placed.
  • Golden silhouettes are shown in case when placing the world plate will finish a certain zone (forest, lake, snowfield etc.).
  • If you don't like the world plate you got, you tap the "Mystical Plate" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This will allow you to place a tile that will fitanywhere for a small Ether cost.

The chapter task may ask you for following actions:

  • Create zones of different complexity and from different amount of tiles;
  • Build up a special area (sacred place);
  • Place all possible world plates.


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