Chat rules

The following behavior is prohibited in the in-game chat:

1. Profanity (even in the covert form), insults, blackmail, blasphemy, slander or defamation, extortion of various kinds of values, threatening of other players and/or representatives of the Administration.

2. Flood (excessive posting of the congeneric information or meaningless symbols), flaming or frequent usage of the special symbols or Caps Lock.

3. The propaganda of violence, hatred and/or discrimination of people due to their race, sexual orientation, religious views, social status. Disrespectful attitude towards any culture, race, language, politics and political system, ideology, social movement. Distribution links to resources containing similar information.

4. The propaganda of drug abuse and distribution links to resources containing similar information.

5. Distribution of erotic and pornographic materials, links to resources containing similar information.

6. Distribution of spam, advertising information, links to resources not related to the game.

7. Presenting yourself to other players as an employee and/or representative of the Administration, whilst not being such.

8. Dissemination of information about the use of in-game errors and errors of any related software in the game. Dissemination of information about third-party software that allows you to get an advantage in the game that is not provided for by the game process.

9. Dissemination of information on sale/purchase of game values, character development for funds not provided for in the game, as well as the intention to perform these actions.

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