I want to send a bug report

If you want to report a bug in a gameplay, please, provide us the following information in your ticket:

- a name of the mine where have you encountered such situation;

- a detailed description of the actions that have lead to such result;

- some screenshots displaying the bug;

- it would be a great help for us if you could record a video with reproducing this issue.

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    Louis simon lajeunesse


    Not really a bug, but a limitation. so i'm level 90, but I see there is new towers available trough level event rewards for 15–69 level players.

    Does that mean I will never get these tower?

    I like pvp and competition, but it puts me at a real desaventage (ex.: indestructble idols) that I will never get?

    Please explain if there is another way around this.




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    Михаил Ласточкин

    пытался привязать этот аккаунт к почте, написал вместо вот это, теперь немогу исправить это сам


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    Harry Hawthorne

    Thank you for your help, the problem has been resolved. I had to work through the part of the tutorial before I could resync my game. All is now right in the Prime Zone.

                                           Harry Wayne Hawthorne


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    N O

    Hello, I have a premium account. Many times in the game, the last few mobs "crashed" at the end of the game. I lost a lot of time and rewards. I enclose a screenshot of the last game. Please correct these errors. Do you think you will be limited on a horizontal screen in the future?

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    Germán Fernández

    Since the last update the load times to manage cards(access to inventory, merge them, level up...) are exorbitant.

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    Constantin Pana

    No premium 15 day

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    hira sharker

    I have just purchased premium 2 days ago for 30 days but now it seems this game is dead, you should have given notice prior to shutting down the server.

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